Crowdfunding Update: 65%!

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It’s been a long couple of months, but I’m pleased to report that my novel, The Third Wheel, is now 65% funded! That’s nearly two-thirds of the way there! Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged support so far, now I just need a little more help to push it up to the 100% mark and get it out there for everyone to read!

If you haven’t had me tell you before, here’s a synopsis of what to expect:

Dexter is fed up. All of his friends are getting married, settling down, moving in together and growing up, and he’s being left behind with no one to hold hands with and only his ginger tom, The Great Catsby, for company. It’s not that he’s jealous of their relationships, it’s just that he thinks there’s more to life than wrapping yourself up with one other person for eternity.

But after a wedding that ends in drunken disaster, Dexter’s world – and everyone else’s, come to that – is shaken when aliens make first contact. Now faced with the prospect of imminent destruction and no practical skills whatsoever, Dexter and his friends, including sunshine optimist Ruby, science fiction geeks Jay and Kay, hard-nosed pragmatist Priti, and no-nonsense Gavin, set out on a mission to survive in this new world.

So this is where you can help me out! If you want to see this book come into existence and find its way onto bookshelves, and you’re able, please consider pledging support to the project. Everyone who pledges gets their name in the book to say thank you, but there are plenty of other rewards too! Here’s what you get:

If you pledge £10 … when the book is released, a copy will be sent right to the e-reader of your choice.

If you pledge £15 … when the book is released, you’ll get an e-book edition and a first edition paperback sent right to you, wherever you are in the world. This is a limited price, with only 8 left; after that, this will be a £20 limit.

If you pledge £25 … you can read with a friend! This option will ensure you get sent two physical copies of the book.

If you pledge £40 … this is where things get really fun! At this level, you still get the paperback and the e-book, but you will also get some additional scenes that didn’t make it into the book that further expand the world and answer some of the questions left hanging.

If you pledge £75 … you’ll receive five copies of the paperback and e-book. This is the perfect option if you want to read it for a book club, or maybe if you just need to come up with a whole bunch of Christmas presents really quickly.

If you pledge £100 … you’ll get the e-book and the paperback, fine, but you’ll also get the opportunity to name one of the minor characters. Want to have your name appear in the text? Want to immortalise your soulmate? This is your chance!

Whatever you choose to pledge to support me, you have my eternal gratitude and if we ever meet, you shall be hugged and thanked personally. I hope you’d like to support me in this project – how often can you help a book be born? Hit the icon below and support my novel today!

Thank you x



“The Third Wheel”: How You Can Be A Part Of Something Awesome

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In 2014 I published my debut novel, The Atomic Blood-stained Bus. Instant fame and fortune did not follow – who knew? But here we are again. I’ve written a second novel, this time called The Third Wheel. Want to know what it’s about? Here we go…

English teacher Dexter feels like he’s being taunted by the universe. Everywhere he turns he’s accosted by wedding invitations, housewarming parties and tables for two. Every last one of his friends is settling down with their other halves, while Dexter spends his evenings marking schoolbooks with his ginger cat for company. The thing is, he doesn’t even mind being single; he just wishes his friends were too.

After another wedding ends in a drunken disaster, Dexter is musing on the situation and wondering what he’s going to screw up next, when he gets the shocking reminder that he’s not the centre of the universe. An alien spaceship has landed on the continent and when first contact is made, it’s anything but friendly.

Humanity’s numbers dwindle immediately, and the survivors are left to do exactly that – survive. Dexter gathers his friends and they all set off on a mission across the country, each with the goal of preserving their own lives in this new world. But these aliens are two-headed, tenacious and have technology beyond anything seen on Earth, so saving the day looks more and more unlikely as they track down Dexter’s motley crew. In the end, perhaps it is the one thing Dexter dislikes most that will help him survive, if he can just stop thinking about himself for one minute.

Written to subvert any story that insists on including a romance subplot, as well as any science fiction story where untrained amateurs inexplicably have the right skills to save the day, The Third Wheel shines a light on those who are just trying to make it through to tomorrow in the face of overwhelming odds.

But here’s the thing. I’m working with a company called Unbound this time, who used a crowdfunding model to get their books out there. I would be eternally grateful if you, yes you, would join me in this endeavour. Just click the link below to pledge your support to the project and be part of something really cool. There are loads of rewards available too, from first edition copies of the book, deleted scenes from the text, and even the opportunity to name a minor character after yourself.

Let’s do this!

Click here to be part of something awesome.