Aside from books, booze and good quality footwear, my other great passion is for trivia and quizzes. I’ve written heaps online and I thought this was a good a place as any to share them with a new audience. I’ve also set this page up as many areas of the world enter lock down as the coronavirus crisis continues, so they may serve as a pleasing distraction for some of you.

Below are links to dozens of quizzes. Please explore, play, share with your friends and leave a comment (but no spoilers!) or contact me on Twitter (@fellfromfiction) to let me know how you get on with them!


If you’ve never wasted several hours of your life on Sporcle, then you’re missing out. Here are some assorted quizzes I’ve made on the website, in all manner of styles on all manner of topics. Enjoy!


PuzzGrid puzzles are like the walls on the excellent TV quiz show, Only Connect. They feature sixteen clues that can be split into four groups of four – but look out for red herrings, double bluffs and lateral thinking! I’ve just made up titles for these based on one word in each, don’t read too much into them.

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