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As well as reviewing hundreds of books, I’ve written two novels of my own! Read below to find out more!


Dexter is fed up. All of his friends are getting married, settling down, moving in together and growing up, and he’s being left behind with no one to hold hands with and only his ginger tom, The Great Catsby, for company. It’s not that he’s jealous of their relationships, it’s just that he thinks there’s more to life than wrapping yourself up with one other person for eternity.

But after a wedding that ends in drunken disaster, Dexter’s world – and everyone else’s, come to that – is shaken when aliens make first contact. Now faced with the prospect of imminent destruction and no practical skills whatsoever, Dexter and his friends, including sunshine optimist Ruby, science fiction geeks Jay and Kay, hard-nosed pragmatist Priti, and no-nonsense Gavin, set out on a mission to survive in this new world.

The Third Wheel achieved its funding goal in January 2018, and finally entered the world a year later, early in 2019. It will hopefully appeal to anyone interested in a novel that gives a twist to both science fiction novels and media’s insistence that we should all find “the one”.

It is available to buy on Amazon and Waterstones.

atomic coverThe Atomic Blood-stained Bus

Gwen is a bored journalist with a deep fascination for magic and missing people. Garfield is a centuries-old cannibal who travels up and down Britain in a bus, feasting on anyone who gets in his way. Algernon is an ex-god, cursed with immortality but stuck among mortals. And Maryanne? Well, she’s just plain creepy.

Their stories come together after Gwen goes on the hunt for another missing person, only to learn that this man was last seen getting onto an unfamiliar bus. Now Garfield and Algernon are being hunted and secrets begin to pour out as the two reach a compromise about their existence, aided by Britain’s last witches. This is a story about escape, and no matter who you are, we all deserve a second chance.

Billed as sitting somewhere between urban fantasy, light splatterpunk and dark comedy, this genre-busting novella is a “refreshing and original story” and has an “eclectic (and often eccentric) narrative“. But don’t just take the words of reviewers for granted; try it yourself.

To download a copy of the novel, click here.

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