“you took the last bus home”

Just a quick little review today. I’m not particularly good when it comes to poetry. It was my weakest module on my university course, and I’ve really struggled to find some that I like over the years. There are exceptions, of course, and I can now at Brian Bilston to my list of poets I enjoy, along with Spike Milligan and John Cooper Clark.

I first encountered Bilston on Twitter where he shares some of his topical poetry, and he’s a delight to follow. Warm and witty, his poems usually make me laugh, so I got hold of his collection of poetry to see what else I was missing. I was absolutely not disappointed. Some are only a few lines long, just little haikus. Most are funny or silly or based around a pun, a few others are more serious and sad. A lot of them focus on very mundane things, like bin lorries, cutlery or office small talk. Some of them are unique in format, and there are poems here in the form of Venn diagrams, Scrabble boards, flowcharts and spreadsheets.

It’s hard to know what to say about poetry, really, as I’ve not reviewed it on here before, but all I can say is that everyone should get hold of this book and have a read. Some of my absolute favourites include “Read my Lips” (a call for a bibliophile lover), “A Chemical Romance” (a love poem containing all the symbols from the periodic table in order) and “You Are a Map” (erotica with a twist).

The world is a little bit mad, scary and sad just now, so take your mind off it with this beautiful collection of silly poems, or at least follow Bilston on Twitter and get more of them fired at you on a daily basis.

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