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Reading is arguably quite a solitary activity, but it’s one that so many of us partake in. Books are easily one of my favourite topics of conversation, so I’ve decided to intersperse my own ramblings with the thoughts of some of my favourite people on the subject of literature. Once a month, we will hear from someone else who will tell us about their reading habits and their favourite books. Hope you enjoy it!

February 2018 – Anwen Kya Hayward
I speak to the author and mythologist Anwen Hayward about the books that make her cry, why her childhood favourites are problematic, and how best to cope if you find yourself stuck inside Ovid’s work.

March 2018 – Sarah Dunsworth
I question the poet and songwriter Sarah Dunsworth about her fondness for Harlan Coben, how she was very wrong about Nineteen Eighty-Four, and why topiary terrifies her.

April 2018 – Sabrina Greenberg
Blogger, feminist and health & fitness advocate Sabrina Greenberg joins me on the blog to talk about the book that broke her heart, which classical character she feels the most empathy for, and why she’d take Margaret Atwood for lunch.

May 2018 – Ben Van der Velde
Ben Van der Velde is a stand-up comic and one half of the podcast Worst Foot Forward. Used to talking about worst aspects of humanity, here I get him to discuss the books that meant most to him as a child, what makes him pick up a book, and how impending fatherhood might impact his reading.

June 2018 – Damon L Wakes
Game designer and prolific flash fiction writer Damon L Wakes stops by the blog to discuss the book that became a recurring motif in his school years, the inconsistences of the Redwall universe, why technology and Death Valley don’t mix, and German puns.

July 2018 – Ste Sharp
This month I find out about the bookshelves of novelist and IT developer Ste Sharp. We talk about the violence in the classics, whether a celebrity name can damage a book cover, and why you shouldn’t read Roald Dahl during a long car journey.

August 2018 – TBA

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