atomic coverTwo years ago today I achieved a goal I’d been aiming at for pretty much my whole life – I got published. Funnily enough, my life did not immediately become one of literary lunches, drinks with Stephen King and book signing tours. I never expected it to. But the fact remains that I did something that I had always wanted to do. My book existed, an ebook, a full (if short) novel that I had written and was now out there in the public consciousness.

If you’ve already bought it, thank you. If you haven’t, why not help me out and download yourself a copy. It’s available around the world on Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords, depending on what device you’re using. It won’t blow your bank account, and it’s not going to change the world, but you’d be supporting me in my work, and treating yourself to an easy-to-read tale of gods, witches, cannibalism, magic and tabloid journalism. And when you’ve read it, pop onto Amazon, iTunes or Goodreads and give it a review; spread the word and tell everyone!

This is the story of Garfield Sutton, a cannibal who has been travelling the UK for centuries on the titular bus. It’s also the story of Algernon, an ex-god of spring who has been accompanying Garfield since the Georgian era, using his powers to help hide their crimes. It’s also the story of Gwen McKenna, a very bored journalist with too much missing in her life for her life to have any meaning, until she finds herself on the trail of missing people who were last seen boarding a bus. And it’s also the story of the last three witches of Britain, of a battle between gods, of what happens in the afterlife, and how breakfast remains the second best social lubricant after alcohol.

Normal service will resume in the week – currently reading a novel about Richard Nixon – and hopefully soon some more books of my own writing will be out and about in the world. Fingers crossed, and thanks again.