I done a book!

I done a book!

“The Atomic Blood-stained Bus has gone by many names over the last few centuries, and many different appearances.”

This isn’t actually a review today, if only because while I have read the book in question, I also wrote it, so to review my own work seems an insane idea. And probably something an American would do. So, yes, I am now officially a published author, which is going to be fun to say when I’m at a party and someone says, “So, what do you do?”

The Atomic Blood-stained Bus is the story of cannibalistic, near-immortal druid Garfield Sutton who drives the titular bus around Britain feasting on unsuspecting members of the public. He is accompanied by Algernon, the former God of Spring who has been ejected from the heavens and now lives on earth, unable to die and filling his days helping Garfield (his part-friend, part-captor) and writing his memoirs about his time as a god.

Garfield is in turn assisted occasionally by Britain’s last witches, who are perhaps more self-serving than they would like to assume and only appear when something big is about to happen. And indeed something big is about to happen, as tabloid journalist Gwen McKenna, a woman with strong interests in both magic and missing persons, has latched onto Garfield’s scent and has begun tracking down the bus, not knowing what far-reaching consequences this will have for everyone involved.

The novel has apparently given my publishers some grief as its genre is hard to pin down, stretching across fantasy, mythology, horror and black comedy. Still, I never wrote with a particular genre in mind – it’s hard to write if you do that. The book was actually written originally for NaNoWriMo in 2012 so the original first draft was completed in twenty-nine days and then edited thoroughly the following year. A journalist friend of mine had some contacts in the publishing world who were looking for new authors so I submitted on the off chance and, well, here we are.

Hopefully some of you at least will like the book (the first chapter is probably a little bit darker than the rest, so if it feels too much to stomach, just hold on a bit) and may even find yourself chuckling at the bits I hope are funny. Or maybe at the bits that aren’t meant to be funny, and that’s OK too. If you have any questions about the book while you’re reading it, or when you’ve finished, please leave me a comment on this post and I will get back to you with an answer.

If you want to download this yourself (and I would love it if you would) then it can be bought on Amazon by following this link. As for me, I’m now off to continue work on my second book. Or, you know, maybe I’ll just read something else instead and write some more reviews.